Official Trailer for Zen Balance

Welcome to Zen Balance

Zen Balance is a fun, relaxing, and challenging new game that tests your ability to keep the elements in balance while the universe's constant tendency towards disorder tries to tip the scale.

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You'll begin with four earth elements: Grass, Rock, Water, and Wood; all in perfect balance.  But this perfect order will only last for a few fleeting moments as new elements spawn and existing elements change size, causing an imbalance in the world. 

You have control over some of the elements, manipulating their size to try and keep the balance. Other elements, however, are beyond your control. A single tap will cause an element to grow, a double tap to shrink.  Elements out of your control are manipulated by the universe, shrinking and growing randomly to bring a constant, changing disorder to the world.

If the universe is out of balance for too long the game will end.  Start a new game and see if you can keep the universe in balance even longer than before.  For those looking for a more relaxing experience, unlock Zen Mode and play an endless game.

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