ColorGuess! New Scoring Algorithm! -- Part 2: Detailed Breakdown

Hey all, welcome to part two of our discussion of our new scoring algorithm. If you’ve missed either our announcement post or part one, make sure to check out both of these posts before starting this one, because we are picking up right where we left off from part one.

Moving on from that, this article is going to discuss the thoughts behind the changes to the scoring system in this second version of ColorGuess! Please keep in mind that any numbers that are discussed here are purely in the development stage, and could change many times between now and the official launch.

As we discussed yesterday, the score will now have a cap of 1,000,000 points, and a subtraction value will be calculated for each color and subtracted from the maximum cap. So let’s talk about how that subtraction value is calculated.

For this example we will be using this data:


It’s a 5 step process:

  • The percent error is calculated for the color. |G – A|/A
    • Percent Error Red: |0.54597 –0.721569| / 0.721569 = 0.24335718
    • Percent Error Green: |0.881226 – 0.968627| / 0.968627 = 0.090232
    • Percent Error Blue: |0.038314 - 0.231373| / 0.231373 = 0.834406
  • The Percent error is then compared to this chart.
  • From the above chart, a grade is given to each color, and then a subtraction value is assigned to each grade.
    • Red Grade: C – Subtraction base value = 166,666
    • Blue Grade: B – Subtraction base value = 66,666
    • Green Grade: F – Subtraction base value = 333,333
    • Note that in the subtraction value chart has a range of subtraction values for each grade, that is due to there being a plus and minus system that I’ve decided not to disclose.
  • Lastly, we look at time. Right now we are giving an undisclosed amount of free time, after which every second subtracts a set points per second value. That value is 2,424. For the remaining example, we will assume you took 22 seconds to complete, and that there is no free time.
    • Time penalty = 2,424 * 22 = 53,328
    • Red final subtraction value = 219,994
    • Green final subtraction value =119,994
    • Blue final subtraction value = 386,661
  • Then, all that is left is to subtract each subtraction value from the total possible points.
    • 1,000,000 – 219,994 – 119,994 – 386,661 = 273,351

Hopefully this step by step breakdown helps you guys understand not only the new method, but the logic and the thought process behind what path we decided to do. As mentioned in the beginning of this post, the numbers are most definitely subject to change, but we will be sure to keep you updated with any tuning changes we make in the next week or so.

Thanks for reading, check out part one here, as well as our compilation of all information relating to the new and upcoming version of ColorGuess! here.

Until next time,


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