Yesterday Matt wrote an excellent post on motivation, and what keeps him going in this endeavor through all the ups and downs. Today, I decided I wanted to copy his idea and do the same, as I thought it was excellent.

Motivation is incredibly important in our situation. It’s easy to lose it, to lose sight of what we are doing and just kind of give up. But we went into this knowing that it wasn't going to be easy. Our supporters, are friends, those closest to us all know that this is difficult as well, and they have gone into this with just as much faith and motivation as we have. So a big shout out to them as well.

I turned 21 yesterday. My dream has always been to own a company that can support me before I graduate college, and with every ticking day, with every passing year, I come closer to that deadline. This, however, is not enough to keep me going; in fact, it can be quite the opposite, it can be very daunting.

When I get down and find myself in a rut, what pulls me out of it are the games I love. Old games like The Witcher series, new games like Hero Siege and Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman. These are fantastic games, they are games that were independently developed. They are games that come from people that had a dream, and saw that dream come true right in front of their eyes.

I think about the audiences I can reach with games, I think about the stories that I want to tell, the visions I have. These are the things that get me going when I find myself down.

But most of all, the continued support of our small fan base is really what keeps me going. Especially when we see that small group grow little by little. We want to keep open lines of communication between us and our fans, so please leave a comment if you see something you like, or have a suggestion for us. One person, one comment, could change the amount of effort we put into a project in the day.


That's all for now,