100 Balls, If I Remade It

I'm gonna try myself a new little series here. I'm calling it (for now) If I Remade It. Basically, my idea is to look at popular apps, and think: well, what do I personally think would make this a better game? 

100 Balls really is a cool game. It had a simple concept, simple mechanics and simple aesthetics working for it. For those of you that don't know, you are given 100 balls, and you drop them through a "flood gate," into cups rotating around the screen. 


Not much to it, and that's great. Scoring is based off of how many balls you get in each cup. With green cups being worth 2 points per ball instead of one, blue cups being worth 3, etc...  

Albeit being a little bit slow, it's a good game. It's fun, and it's short and simple. Not completely my cup of tea, and one of the reasons for that is the way that scoring works.  

I like to feel like I'm working towards something in a game. The 2048 tile in 2048 (or the 4096 tile in my case.) Leveling up in an RPG, or that next piece of gear in Diablo or an MMO. There's nothing to work towards in 100 Balls, except a higher score. If I were to redo it, I would make the colored cups have a growing multiplier. Let me explain:

As it stands, dropping a ball in the green cup turns it green, and every time after that when I drop the green ball in a cup it gives me 2 points instead of one. When I drop that green ball into a blue cup, it turns it blue, gives me 3 points and continues to give me 3 points until I drop it in a green cup, and it gets reset to green. 

I want to see combinations. I want to see a buildup to a ball that is giving me so many points, I will be upset when I drop it and miss the cup! It's weird to say I want to have an attachment to some of these balls, but I really do. The way it stands now is just kinda lack luster to me. Have a cup that makes my balls worth 2 points, and then if I drop it in the right cup, they become worth 4 points, but if I drop them back in the two point cup, I still get 4 points. Give me a reason to not want to drop all the balls into every cup that passes.  

Those are just my thoughts on what I would do differently. Again, it's a good game, and it's deserving of it's spot on the App Store. These are just some things that I personally think could make it stronger.