What's stopping us

Twitter user @JoshTaylor0605 posed a question the other day that got me thinking. To paraphrase, his question was roughly: what genre is your dream game, what's stopping you from doing it?

I responded hastily, RPG. Time and artistic ability, but this got me to thinking. What really is stopping me? Art is arguably a bit of a roadblock; but is time a fair roadblock? For some people it may be, but would a better question be: how can I re purpose my time to give myself more hours in the day?

I'm gonna be honest, I do a lot in my day. I go to school, I work my day job, I hang out with my girl, but I wonder how many hours are wasted to re-watching Dragon Ball Z for the 3rd time. Or running around in circles on Diablo? 

Didn't have a lot to say, just a few thoughts and a quick self reflection.