Some Rocket Stuff

. . . It turns out I'm not very productive over winter break.  Although, we did get ColorGuess Plus finished up and submitted during the first half of this week so I haven't done nothing this whole time.  We had been putting in roughly four hours a day since friday to try and get the app submitted in time (which turned out to be all for not anyways) so after we finished on tuesday I just kinda came home and haven't really done anything since then.  Because of that, this post is a little ( a lot ) latter then I had planned but here it is.

I was browsing my computer trying to clean up my hard drive when I came across some old first person rocket videos.  I thought they were pretty cool so I cut them together and put them in a video to share with you guys.  There are three launches total.  The first two are on B or C engines and the last one is on a D (I think).  If you get motion sick you might not want to watch them in full screen because they can make you a little dizzy.  Despite that, I hope you enjoy them.