Or rather the lack there of.

I thought this might be an appropriate post given the overall lack of motivation I felt I've had the past month or so.  My post a while back about coming back to blogging I had actually written about a week ago but I never actually got around to clicking the post button (mostly because I would just forget about it until ten o'clock and then decide that I shouldn't post it that late).  

Recently, however, there has been a lot of stuff motivating me to start working on development a little bit more.  The huge, overnight, success of Flappy Bird has motivated me.  It has me thinking that you really don't have to be a large size development company to have a massively popular app.  The main character in a book I'm reading for a class (while fictional) started his own video game company which has gotten me a little more motivated.  There have just been a lot of things recently motivating me to get up and write some code (or I guess I'd actually have to sit down. . .)

But I think, overall, the thing that motivates me the most to keep writing code isn't just the possibility of creating the next Flappy Bird (although I wouldn't say no to 50K a day, just saying) but it's the idea that I want to build something that I can point to and say "yeah, me and my friend built that" whether that's an app, or an entire company (even if it's a small one, as long as we have an office that I can actually point to).


Anyways.  This post was more for me so that I could sit down and write a list of the things keeping me motivated.  It can be hard, sometimes, to sit down and work on something after a long day of classes, labs, homework, and the such.  But if you read it, I hope you enjoyed some of the things keeping me going.



As always, thanks for reading



(Oh also, Happy Birthday to Austin)