Screaming Beta

I know its friday so it's supposed to kinda be a photo friday, but I have something in the works that won't be ready until next week, so hang on for that.  


In the meantime I have some exciting news.  Vaultology is getting close to a beta launch and we are looking for beta testers.  You can read more about Vaultology in one of my previous posts here, but the basic idea is that it's an app that helps equestrian vaulters think of more creative moves for their freestyles.

We are currently looking for a few people who would like to beta test the app and who wouldn't mind giving feedback after testing.  It can all be done over the internet so location shouldn't be an issue (I hope, I've never really done this before).  Anyways, If you're a vaulter and would like to help us out, you should head over to the official Vaultology page and read over some of the requirements.  If you fit all the requirement and think you'd be a good beta tester, feel free to fill out the beta tester registration form at the bottom of the page.

We are currently projecting a mid to late March 2014 beta launch and will contact selected beta testers with more information when that time comes closer.


So yeah, go check out the Vaultology Page and if you want to be a beta tester fill out the form.


As always, thanks for reading