iOS Games You Should Be Playing -- Disco Zoo


I've basically become slightly obsessed with this game.  It was an editor's choice featured app on the App Store and Austin recommended it to me so I figured I would give it a try.  About a week later and I'm literally checking my phone for the sole purpose of playing this game.  The overall idea of the game is to rescue animals, and put them in your zoo.  The more animals you have, the more money you make and then the more animals you can go rescue.  But they've done something kinda cool to keep you coming back.

The animals in your zoo will eventually fall asleep and then you stop making money.  So you have to check back in the game and wake them up.  It doesn't help that the game will send you push notifications every 15 minutes to remind you your sheep fell asleep, but I eventually turned those off.  To rescue animals you go on rescue missions which cost a certain amount of coins and the price increases the more missions you go on.  When you do go on a mission you are given a five by five grid of tiles and you have to turn over all the tiles of one animal to rescue that animal.  Each animal has its own unique pattern, which makes the task a little easier if you have a good memory.

The disco part of Disco Zoo is actually kind of simple.  You can spend a disco buck (which are a little harder to come by) and all your animals will wake up and throw a party where you earn double the coins for a given time, depending on how many disco bucks you spent.

Overall the gameplay is pretty fun and there are lots of achievements and goals to work towards which keeps the game interesting.  The best part is that you get all this for free (sort of).  There are in-game purchases you can make which will help you out a lot, but you can also just watch an add and get a little extra help as well.  But if you have an extra dollar or two to spend I would make an in app purchase or two to help the two guys who made the app.

So the moral of the story is, if you don't have Disco Zoo you should go get it because it's a free app and you have nothing to loose really.  Until you become addicted to the game and start checking it every ten minutes in class to wake up your animals.  Then you might loose out on important information that's going to be on that midterm in a couple of days.  But at least it's not a dollar.

Anyways.  Go get Disco Zoo here if you don't have it already and have lots of fun with it.  As always I hope you enjoyed readings this and keep checking back for future posts.

Thanks for reading.