ColorGuess Plus Compilation

Well, the big news we have been teasing the past few weeks is finally ready to be shared. The Developers of Symbiotic Studios are pleased to announce that a re-release of ColorGuess! is under development. 

This re-release is going to come packed with new features, and I'm going to share some of them with you now!

As opposed to doing this in an update, we have decided that in the name of science, that we want to stick this up as a sequel, with a price tag of $0.99. However, we are discussing a customer loyalty program for those of you out there that have kept ColorGuess! on their iOS devices, it means a lot to us that you have supported us in our first game.

So head on over and download ColorGuess! and give it a try. 

If there is anything, anything at all you feel is missing, or would like to see added to this re-release, please feel free to comment here, tweet at us @symbstudios or @hicksaustinj. We welcome your support and feedback, and would like to get everybody's wants into this game!

Along with all planned updates in game, ColorGuess! will officially be receiving a brand new dedicated webpage within out blog setting, so keep an eye out for that around December 13, if at all possible, it will come sooner with previews of the new game version. 

Thank you for your continued support, and check back often for more information regarding all of the planned additions. As of right now, our planned launch date is December 13, 2013. So mark your calendars!