So with v1.0.2 we had a couple lines of code commented out (oops) that are essential to the progression of Block'd. For those of you who have downloaded Block'd since yesterday, or will go download Block'd within the next week or so, will find that all 30 levels are unlocked and playable.

We fixed this problem right away, and it has been submitted and uploaded to Apple as v1.0.3, but as anybody who has worked with Apple will know, it'll be about a week or so until that goes live.

We hope you all take advantage of this time to get acquainted with some of the more difficult levels, and practice them! v1.1 will bring more reasons to have those levels down pat, so get to know them, and get to know them well.

With all that being said, this weekend we will be sharing a good bit of information about what we plan to have coming in v1.1, so stay tuned if that sort of information interests you.