Color Fall

So.  Just thought I'd give you guys a quick update on some things going on around here.  Obviously, we are still working on Block'd!  Version 1.0.3 is going live in the App Store today and that should be the first bug free version 1.0 so that's pretty exciting.  Austin and I are also working on some awesome new features and some interface redesigns for version 1.1 that we think you guys are going to love.  But I'm going to save the majority of that stuff for another blog post.

Today, I'd like to officially announce the development of a new game: Color Fall.  The basic idea of the game is that your player is a certain color at the top of the screen and then color bars, made up of six different colors, come up from the bottom of the screen.  Your job is to move the player left and right to match the player color to the corresponding color section of the color bar to break through the color bar.  So it's a pretty simple game.

Game play screen shot form the iOS simulator

The idea for this game basically came from looking at all those really simple but addictive games, like "flappy bird" or "stay in the line" and thinking, why not just make one of those?  So that's pretty much what happened.  I started on it while we were waiting for the first approval and release of Block'd!, and since it's such a simple game it's pretty much almost ready to go.  There are just a few features missing and then some polishing of the graphics.  One of the main features we are looking at adding is Game Center, so that should make things a little more interesting.

All-in-all I'm pretty happy with the way this game is turning out and I'm excited to get it out there and see what you guys think.  Right now I don't really have an exact date, or even a good time frame, for when you can expect Color Fall to hit the App Store, but if I had to guess I would say sometime around November 2014?  Maybe a little sooner? . . . So stick around for more updates about that.

As always, thanks for reading,