Block'd! Sneak Peak

So I though I would give you guys a little sneak peak at the new color scheme we're going to be adding in version 1.1.  If you've looked at the "coming soon" button you probably already have a rough idea of what the colors are going to be.  I thought I would give you a better, clearer, look at the tiles and what some of the new and old levels look like with the new color scheme.  So here are the new tiles we are going to add in version 1.1


We decided to go with more of a brighter pastel kind of look for this next version.  Our last color scheme was a little darker so we thought this would add a nice balance to it.  Here are what some of the group one boards look like with the new color scheme.

And here's a quick look at some of the new levels and new boards we are going to be adding in group two in version 1.1.

So that's kinda all the pictures I have to show you right now.  One other thing about the new color scheme is we've run into a little problem with the appearance of everything else.  If you've played the game then you know that all the buttons for the tutorial and the credits and the win buttons are all based on the red, blue, and yellow color scheme we were using in group one.  So we are having to go back and take a look at all those and decide how we want to change them (if we want to change them at all).  But that's kinda all there is on the color side and new levels side of the things for the upcoming version of Block'd!  We'll be posting some more about the other features as we start the development on those a little more so keep checking back for some more of those updates.


As always, thanks for reading,