v1.0.2 Update

Constantly keeping Block’d up to date has been one of our goals with it. Instead of just letting it fester as we did ColorGuess! However, that’s a different story. Today I’m going to fill you in a bit on what will be coming in v1.0.2.

First and foremost is the reason we pushed the update in the first place. Our iPhone 5S users were experiencing a weird delay in between completing a level and receiving the “You Win” statement and “Next” button. This has been fixed in v1.0.2, and the images should display at a constant rate now.

Just to talk a little bit more about this bug, it was an interesting one to squash, and to be honest: we may not have really squashed it, just buried it. As I said, the bug was only present in one model of the iPhone. Not only that, the bug would not show up when run from Xcode, only when compiled and transferred to the phone. In order to fix it, we removed the slight randomness of the timing. While we do not know what the root cause of the bug was (and may never will) we believe that this fix will hold.

Other than that bug, we worked on some quality of life improvements that were easy enough to just throw in. There will be continuous work on some of these changes to make them more aesthetically pleasing and better suited. For now, what we’ve done is added some level numbers, enlarged the tutorial images to make them easier to read, scaled down the credits scene to allow players out of it, last but not least, we added a few labels here and there to make things clearer.

I hope that these explanations of our changes make sense. Keep an eye on the website for informations regarding our first content patch, which will add new levels, new colors and new challenges for players to experience.