We haven't posted, but we've been busy

Hello again everybody!

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted something here, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on some new and exciting stuff.  In case you missed it, we released Zen Balance back at the end of November last year; and ever since then, we’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about what we wanted to do next.  The brain storming process, combined with some vacation time for the holidays, meant we didn’t really have a lot to talk about.  But now that we’re back into a rhythm with school and work and so on we are going to have some more regular updates about the newest project we’re working on.  So speaking of that newest project . . .

Over the past couple of months we’ve started working on a new game that we are super excited about.  This new game is going to be a little different form the previous games we’ve done.  It will be a text based horror/suspense game much in the likeness of other games like Lifeline or A Dark Room.  We wanted to make a game that was less like a traditional arcade or puzzle game and more like an interactive story.  A game that wouldn’t require a huge amount of art or graphic design, but could keep audiences fascinated through an intriguing story line.  We spent a good couple of weeks coming up with different ideas for stories and how we wanted to add an interactive element to them.  

In the end, we came up with an idea for a survival game that puts your problem solving skills to the test to try and escape the murderous hands of the person who has just kidnaped you.  The interactive part of the game is designed to be more of an open ended question; requiring the player to pick up on subtleties in the gameplay to solve problems rather than a more straight forward approach.  Our goal with this idea was to make the game more complex and try to draw the players into the story by making them really think about the character and the situation they are in.

Over the past month or so we’ve been moving forward with this idea and have stared coding some of the game.  At a higher level the game is going to be broken up into multiple acts.  (At this point we are thinking three acts, but that may change as things move along.)  Right now, we are in the process of working on act II, which is an exploration part of the game.  This act gives the player a chance to do some investigating and learn a little more about the situation they are in.

To keep this post from going on longer than it already has I’ll wrap things up here.  Over the next week or so I’ll try to write some more up on the story/plot of the game and some more about the actual programming we are doing, so be sure to check back for those.  But for now, we figured we would just give you guys a quick update post and let you know that we are (and have been) hard at work on a new project that we are super excited about and we hope you’ll be excited about too.


As always, thanks for reading,