Well, it's gotten to that point where I just have to write something, even if it doesn't directly pertain to any grand scheme.  So here it goes, my post about what I hope to post about in the future.

I've had several ideas, but let me go through some of them, most of them are series. I'd like to do a Starbucks App of the Week series, where I download, play, and review the Apps that Starbucks sets little cards out for. I think that this would be a fun look into what different apps there are, and to get some ideas. 

I've mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again. I'd like to do an Objective-C tutorial focused around ColorGuess! recently I've been working on a small patch for our first game, and it has renewed my furor in it, and rekindled my desire to rewrite some of the code with better practices. Doing a tutorial series might just be the perfect way to do both of those things. 

Another things I would like to do would be based around the 6th generation of Pokemon games, X and Y. I have completely played through X, and I loved it. What I would like to do is play through Y using only Pokemon new to the game. Somewhere along the way I think that I would be able to find something unique and fun to blog about, who knows. 

These are the three main ideas I'm running with now. I have an App of the Week card somewhere in my personal affects, so I'll be getting started with that here in the next few days!