Snail Bob: Starbucks App of the Week

Snail Bob is a fun little puzzle game where you move obstacles out of the way of a constant forward motion snail. At first it seemed like just another puzzle game, but after working through many levels, it becomes a test of reflexes as well as puzzle solving.

A quick Google search (to get the pricing on the App) shows that Snail Bob is not originally an iPhone game ( follow this link to check this all out.) The game has a price sticker of $0.99, and with that you have access to 80 levels. 


Even the In-App purchase requests are adorable.


The game offers In-App purchases, but they are not obtrusive, and they are not at all necessary. What you see is what you get for the $0.99 , and you get quite a lot. You get incredible graphics, cute story events to follow throughout the level series, awesome gameplay that feels native to the iOS devices, and an amazing series of extra pieces to each level.

The graphics will be visibly apparent as this post goes on, but this next picture will illustrate the story events that I think are pretty cool. 


Not Snail Bob's home!


The first series of levels centers around a construction yard, where Snail Bob has lost his home to a (poorly scaled) wrecking ball, oh no! While I never noticed any resolution to the story (i.e. Bob did not save his home,) it was at least a fun lead in. I am also very fond of the dropping post card styled story telling form, which this is.

Where this game really shines is the game play though. The controls are flawless, the game play is self explanatory but challenging at times, and there is a true difficulty ramp up as the levels increase. My favorite part, however, is finding the three stars that are hidden throughout the level. Sometimes they are simple and right in your face, other times they are camouflaged within the environment and other times you have to perform a particular task in order to find the star.

All in all this game is definitely worth the $0.99 to pick up if you're not lucky enough to get ahold of a Starbucks App of the Week card. It's fun, and it's a game that I will be revisiting as time goes on. 

Here's a download link!