Ads Suck

Let's face it. Ads suck. There's no other way to put it, they're obtrusive, they're annoying, they're flashy, and they just get in the way. However, to aspiring developers like Matt and I, or for any small hopeful start up, they serve a very important purpose. They afford us the ability to make a little bit of money to pay for things relating to our business: incorporation fees, lunch or drink meetings, the small things. Ads afford us the opportunity to move forward at a quicker pace.

So this is our plea, I want to ask you to turn off your ad blockers for this site and this site only. Matt and I have worked very hard to make ads as unobtrusive as we can on our site, and we will welcome feedback of any time. We want this site to feel as comfortable as possible, so if you do take the step to turn off your ad blocker for our site, we will happily work to make it comfortable for our guests.

That all being said, I want to thank those who have been visiting our links and checking our site regularly. It is more important to us that you are seeing our content than seeing our ads, so please continue checking back for new and interesting content!