Five Games I Want to Steal - Maze Games

As I said in my last post, I recently read a book about how everything has already been done in the world and creativity is just stealing ideas that already exist and altering them enough so that people don't know where you got them from.  With that in mind I decided to look at five games I want to use as inspiration for our own games.  I decided to break the games up into different categories and last time I talked about two really creative puzzle games I want to steal from.  In this post I'm going to talk about an older game that has a unique gameplay I haven't seen in other games.


We've all seen platform games and endless runners and puzzle games in every shape, color, and seize and while they are unique and fun to play Ozone is a game that had a different feel to it.  I would call it a platform maze type of game where you had to avoid and kill enemies and get to the end point of each level, but Ozone was unique because it wasn't just a straight path left to right.  You literally had to find your way out of a maze while dodging enemies and making sure not to run out of fuel.  What I want to steal from this game is the type of game; at some point I think making a maze game would be cool.  As I said earlier, there are tons of endless runner games and platform games so I think there's more room for creativity with a maze game.  I think there are lots of cool stories that could be told from a maze type of platform.  It adds another level to the difficulty and intricacy of the platform game.

Anyways.  Kind of a short post and a little awkward.  I'm never really sure how to phrase these posts so they don't sound like plagiarism.  In general, these are games I think we could use for inspiration.  Some of them are inspiration for types of art other are inspiration for the whole game play idea and just all in all these are some awesome games that I enjoyed playing. 

 I hope you enjoyed reading this even though it was a little late.  Another Photo Friday tomorrow so make sure to check that out.  We also had our exciting news about ColorGuess! 2 over on the Symbiotic Studios blog so also make sure to check that out.  

Thanks for reading!