If you've read the about me page that I wrote when we first started this website you might know that I like to spend my time participating in a sport called equestrian vaulting (you might also know that about me if you know me in real life).  So here's my first post relating to that, although it's not really about vaulting.  This post is about an app I'm going to build called Vaultology.

The idea for the app came from my team's coach who was looking for a way to help people be more creative when designing their freestyles.  It started out as a tactile version that consisted of a board and three spinners that we brought to a convention to use for clinics.  However, our coach wanted more people to have the ability to use this at their own team practices or even just at home.  We decided that we could allow more people access to this if we turned it into an app.  The original idea for this came up a rather long time ago (back in march of this year I think) but I didn't really have all the know how to turn it into the professional looking app we wanted.  However, now I feel like it's a very reachable goal, especially with winter break coming around.

For any vaulting people that might be reading this I'll give a more in-depth description of what the app is going to be.  The basic idea is to try and get the vaulter to be more creative in their freestyles by giving them a type of move to perform and a location and direction on the horse to perform the move in.  The vaulter then has to come up with a move that matches all the criteria.  The types of moves are going to be taken from the FEI guidelines for freestyles and this will be coordinated with my coach to ensure a reliable set of moves.

If you're a vaulter reading this I hope your excited and I welcome any comments or questions about this.  If you're not a vaulter and this was boring for you then check out some of our other posts from today about some of the exciting news we just announced and check back tomorrow for the next installment in the Games I Want To Steal thread. (You should also do both of those things even if you are a vaulter).  

Thanks for reading!