ColorGuess! Patch Notes

ColorGuess! v1.0

June 24, 2013

New Features:

  • A new screen has been added.  This screen's purpose is to help players get better and improve at their color guessing skills.  Upon finishing the round and entering the Score and Summary Screen, players are now able to click on their grades to send them to this new feature.
  • In the new screen, players are given the user color and the generated color side by side, with no gap between them.  Labels are given to show the value of the actual color as well as the color you can manipulate.  You will be able to move the sliders like you do in game in order to see the difference become less and less.
  • High Scores have been added!   The game now correctly tracks high scores locally.  You are informed when you beat out an existing high score.
  • You are able to reset your earned scores, you will be given a warning when you select this option. 
  • There is a known high score but, where '0' is an achievable high score.  In layman's terms, when you get a score of '0' you essentially got a perfect score, and the number formatter displays infinity as '0'. 

General and UI:

  • The Score and Summary Screen has been updated with an 'info' button in the bottom right corner to indicate that tapping will send players to another screen.
  • The necessary UI elements have been added to the Review screen. 
  • A small graphical error has been fixed on the 3.5 inch screen where there was a small gap between the user color and the background. 


For a complete list of all changes and dates, please visit our Google Doc