Welcome one and all to the launch of our new and improved website! I wanted to take a brief moment to discuss the intentions of this site, as we have decided that something different is in order.

In the past our focus has been on our development strictly, but when development is slow, that does not gain much of an audience. So Matt and I hit the drawing board, and we decided to give this a try: we are going to blog as if we had our own blogs. We really want to develop ourselves as individuals within Symbiotic Studios, so that when Symbiotic Studios gets off the ground, our audience has a firm idea of who we are as people.

As such, please feel free to peruse our website as you wish. I have one simple request. If you find that you like our content, or you wish to support us in any way, please turn off your browser's AdBlock feature.

Share with your friends! Follow us on Twitter @symbstudios (or click one of the various available links). We hope you enjoy the hard work we plan to put into this.