The Week of Monday the 18th

This week was a big week for us. We managed to increase our traffic, and we hope to keep that up. We've made some extra revenue which has inspired us to be more productive in our blogging as well as our programming. Most excitingly, we have made a pretty big decision that we cannot wait to share more about it with you all.

The purpose of this post is to be a little update, the above paragraph, but also a compilation of the various posts that we have made during the week.

We hope you've enjoyed our content this week, feel free to leave comments and suggestions about what you would like to see more or less of! Keep checking back regarding information about and around our most recent developments on the software side.

Also, check out my brothers amazing comics, he need a bit of motivation to keep going, but I think he has something special and I'd love to see more from him! What do you guys think?

Hope you guys check back soon.