ColorGuess Plus and iOS 6

It has been recently brought to my attention that ColorGuess Plus does not run on devices running iOS 6 or earlier. I wanted to take a second to touch on that.  

In the beginning this was by design, Matt and I had the oversight that everybody would be using iOS 7. What we didn't know was that older iPod Touches do not support iOS 7, but support iOS 6 and 6.1.  

Upon looking at the code to see if there was an easy fix to this, Matt found that the expanding cells used in many of the game screens do not seem to work properly on devices running iOS 6.

 Expanding cells running on iOS 6

Expanding cells running on iOS 6

This is an error that sometime we would like to address, but probably won't come until we are ready to work on version 1.1 or whatever nomenclature we decide to go with. 

For now, if you can only use a decide with 6.0 or 6.1 please leave a comment here or get in touch with us on Twitter. If enough people are interested, we will consider putting this higher on the priority list! 


As always, thanks for your continued support.