Goodbye Flappy Bird

Well, I guess we had better hop on the bandwagon and say goodbye to Flappy Bird. 

I don't have all too much to say about it, we have plans to discuss further some of the things that made Flappy Bird great.

As developers though, I think that this teaches us all a great lesson. What happens when you become an overnight success? I think that we all sign up to the fact that becoming an overnight success is possible. 

Moving forward, I know that we need to start preparing for that to happen. To have a plan. To know how we will handle the press. To know how we will spend our first dollars.

Dong Nguyen strikes me as an individual who made games as a hobby, not as a potential profession. Much like us here at Symbiotic Studios think about ColorGuess! and ColorGuess Plus, Nguyen most likely did not expect Flappy Bird to become any sort of success. The App Store is a fickle thing, it's honestly impossible to know what will take off and what won't take off.

We will miss Flappy Bird as a game. But we must take what lessons we can from this experience. The developers at Symbiotic Studios will definitely be discussing our financial and press decisions before our next launches here in the next few months.


Thank you for your continued support.