Block'd Is Coming Soon!

Inadvertently, we kept this under the radar much longer than we intended. As such, the launch of the newly redesigned website seemed like a perfect time to make this announcement.

Without further ado, we at Symbiotic Studios are happy to announce the upcoming release of Block’d. A fresh and new puzzle game by the people who brought you ColorGuess! and ColorGuess Plus.

Block’d combines a simple concept with complex mechanics and strategic planning to form a brain teaser that’ll keep you coming back for hours. Tap a start tile and watch as tile in all four directions are filled until something gets in their way. Take your time and plan your moves, running red tiles into a red start tile will cause that start tile to trigger! If you’re not careful, you’ll get Block’d!

Keep an eye on the website over the next month for exciting new details. In the next week or so, our Block’d game page should go up, with screenshots, and more gameplay details. We are expecting an early June release, so keep checking back for more!