Weekly Update, May 18

Oh boy, it's been a while since a weekly update, but hey, figured we might as well. While we don't have any new Block'd information to share, we are nearing having an official launch date. So make sure to check back for that. Other than that, this week we got in iAds as well as gating the levels based on completion of the previous (yay.)

On the website and blog side we got all the updates we had planned done to the website, and we've slowly started blogging again. Here's a list of all we wrote this week in case you missed any of it:

  • 100 Balls, If I remade It -- May 16, 2014
    • Austin looks into a popular game on the App Store, and discusses what he thinks could make it better.
  • The screen size debate -- May 12, 2014
    • Matt looks into some of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 and it's potentially larger screen size.
  • Getting back into the swing of things -- May 7, 2014
    • Matt tells us (yet again) that he'll start posting more. Maybe Austin should make a similar promise.
  • Smash Hit, Game Review -- April 27, 2014
    • A little bit out of the week, but it's worth posting here. Matt looks at a fresh game up on the App Store.

Alright, that's all for now. Check back this week for more on Block'd and anything else we may feel like doing. Thanks, as always, for reading.


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