Block'd: Release Day Bugs

Block'd is officially live on the App Store! And with it have come a few bugs that need to get worked out in the up and coming Block'd 1.0.1. We've already started working on this small update, and we should see it submitted here within the weekend. 

Here's what we've found so far: 

  • We need to make "multi-tapping" as a mechanic more clear. We've found that several people get stumped on some of our easier "timing" levels due to not understanding that you can tap more than one tile at a time.
  • Ads are not showing up because I'm (Austin) a dummy and didn't set up the proper contract in iTunes Connect. 
  • On my phone (Austin again) there seems to be a massive delay between the win animation, and the actual "You Win" statement and button showing up. 
  • Facebook sharing button seems to not be working properly. 
  • Some sort of clarification that there are options to the left of the first group.

If you go about your day playing our wonderful little game and you notice anything else, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below, tweet me (@hicksaustinj), Matt (@mattshubert) or Symbiotic Studios (@symbstudios) and we will get it added to this list to be fixed ASAP. 

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few days, as we will be sharing our future plans for Block'd with you shortly!


Enjoy playing.