v1.0.1 and more

In our eyes, the first few weeks of Block’d has been a great success. We’ve seen roughly 300 downloads (and growing), as well as one update already! But we have much more planned for this game, as we think it has massive potential beyond what you have already seen.

First, let’s talk about v1.0.1 which went live a few days ago. We released this update the day Block’d went live on the App Store. This update served two purposes: firstly we got the Facebook share button working properly so that it shares the right link for us. Secondly (and arguably more important to us) was to upload it with the signed iAd contract. Hopefully we can start earning a bit of revenue for our hard work.

I know, ads suck, but hey, I wrote a blog post about that a while back.

Now, let’s get on to the more exciting bit. What’s coming next for Block’d! We’re already working on development for a few more updates, bot v1.0.x as well as v1.1.

v1.0.x will be various bug fixes. For those of you who are playing Block’d on an iPhone 5S may have noticed a bit of an odd delay after beating a level, before the button to move on to the next level. We are actively working on a fix for that bug, and we will have an update with that shortly. Other than that, v1.0.x has been mostly internal code cleanup that will have no real end effect on the product.

For those of you who have made it this far, I’m sure you’re wanting to know what is going to come in the future for Block’d. As I’ve already said, v1.1 is right around the corner, and I do believe we’re expecting an October release date. v1.1 will bring with it new levels, along with some new colors to play with (more information on that coming soon.)

As expected, we have many more levels planned past v1.1, but we have a bit more. We have ideas for new game modes and play styles; more colors and more sharing between friends; but most importantly, more of the same gameplay we’re coming to know and love.


If you haven’t stopped by the App Store to download Block’d, please take a second to hop on this wild ride as soon as possible! I promise, it’ll be worth your time.